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Widget Appearance and Style

These classes are used to customize appearance and style of all or a single application.

QPhoneStylePhone look and feel
QWindowDecorationInterfaceInterface for Qt Extended window decoration styles
QWindowDecorationPluginDefines a base class for implementing window decoration plugins
QtopiaStyleEncapsulates the common Look and Feel of a Qt Extended GUI
ThemeAnimationItemRepresents a pixmap-based animation in a ThemedView
ThemeExclusiveItemAllows only one of its children to be active in a ThemedView
ThemeGraphicItemContains common functionality for graphics based items in a ThemedView
ThemeGroupItemGroups its children into a single item in a ThemedView
ThemeImageItemRepresents an image in a ThemedView
ThemeItemThe base class of all items in a ThemedView
ThemeLayoutItemPositions and resizes its child items in a ThemedView
ThemeLevelItemRepresents a level indicator in a ThemedView
ThemeLineItemRepresents a visual line in a ThemedView
ThemeListItemRepresents a graphical list in a themed view
ThemeListModelList model that is used for list functionality in Qt Extended theming
ThemeListModelEntryImplements a single theme list entry in a ThemeListModel
ThemePageItemThe root item in a ThemedView
ThemePixmapItemContains common functionality for image based items in a ThemedView
ThemePluginItemManages the interaction between a ThemedItemInterface implementation and a ThemedView
ThemeRectItemRepresents a visual rectangle in a ThemedView
ThemeStatusItemRepresents a status indicator in a ThemedView
ThemeTemplateInstanceItemRepresents a template instance in a ThemedView
ThemeTemplateItemRepresents a theme template in a ThemedView
ThemeTextItemRepresents a text in a ThemedView
ThemeWidgetItemRepresents a widget in a ThemedView
ThemedViewConstructs, manages and displays themed views in Qtopia
QBoxLayoutLines up child widgets horizontally or vertically
QButtonGroupContainer to organize groups of button widgets
QCDEStyleCDE look and feel
QColorColors based on RGB, HSV or CMYK values
QCommonStyleEncapsulates the common Look and Feel of a GUI
QCursorMouse cursor with an arbitrary shape
QDecorationFactoryCreates window decorations in Qt for Embedded Linux
QFontSpecifies a font used for drawing text
QFormLayoutManages forms of input widgets and their associated labels
QGridLayoutLays out widgets in a grid
QGroupBoxGroup box frame with a title
QHBoxLayoutLines up widgets horizontally
QInputContextFactoryCreates QInputContext objects
QLayoutThe base class of geometry managers
QLayoutItemAbstract item that a QLayout manipulates
QMotifStyleMotif look and feel
QPaletteContains color groups for each widget state
QSizeGripResize handle for resizing top-level windows
QSizePolicyLayout attribute describing horizontal and vertical resizing policy
QSpacerItemBlank space in a layout
QStackedLayoutStack of widgets where only one widget is visible at a time
QStackedWidgetStack of widgets where only one widget is visible at a time
QStyleAbstract base class that encapsulates the look and feel of a GUI
QStyleFactoryCreates QStyle objects
QStyleHintReturnStyle hints that return more than basic data types
QStyleHintReturnMaskStyle hints that return a QRegion
QStyleHintReturnVariantStyle hints that return a QVariant
QStyleOptionStores the parameters used by QStyle functions
QStylePainterConvenience class for drawing QStyle elements inside a widget
QVBoxLayoutLines up widgets vertically
QWidgetItemLayout item that represents a widget
QWindowsStyleMicrosoft Windows-like look and feel
QWindowsVistaStyleLook and feel suitable for applications on Microsoft Windows Vista
QWindowsXPStyleMicrosoft Windows XP-like look and feel

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