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BaseContextLabel Class Reference

The BaseContextLabel class provides a dockable soft key bar for phones. More...

    #include <BaseContextLabel>

Inherits QAbstractContextLabel.

Inherited by ThemedContextLabel.

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Detailed Description

The BaseContextLabel class provides a dockable soft key bar for phones.

This class provides an abstract dockable soft key bar for phones. It should be used as a base for any soft key bar implementation. The only missing part for a complete context label is the user frontend. The context label should be completed by subclassing this class.

The ThemedContextLabel class is an example subclass and adds the UI via theming capabilities.

This class is part of the Qt Extended server and cannot be used by other Qt Extended applications.

See also ThemedContextLabel and QAbstractContextLabel.

Member Function Documentation

BaseContextLabel::BaseContextLabel ( QWidget * parent = 0, Qt::WFlags flags = 0 )

Create a new BaseContextLabel widget, with the appropriate parent and flags.

BaseContextLabel::~BaseContextLabel ()

Destroys the widget.

QList<BaseButton *> BaseContextLabel::baseButtons () const   [protected]

Returns the list of Buttons managed by the context label. This may be of use when accessing the button information from subclasses.

void BaseContextLabel::buttonPressed ( int pressedButton )   [protected slot]

Specifies the behaviour of the context label when pressedButton is pressed.

void BaseContextLabel::buttonReleased ( int releasedButton )   [protected slot]

Specifies the behaviour of the context label when releasedButton is released.

void BaseContextLabel::buttonsChanged ()   [signal]

Emitted when the key mapping of the menu bar has been changed by QSoftMenuBarProvider. The usual action would be to update the pixmap/text displayed by the UI. BaseButton::changed() returns true for the button that has been changed. Once the update is performed BaseButton::setChanged() should be used to reset the change flag.

QSize BaseContextLabel::reservedSize () const   [pure virtual]

Returns the size reserved for the contextlabel. This size depends on the implementation of the class and should be rewritten according to the need. The ThemedContextLabel provides an implementation of this function.

Reimplemented from QAbstractContextLabel.

QSoftMenuBarProvider * BaseContextLabel::softMenuProvider () const   [protected]

Returns the QSoftMenuProvider controlled by this context label.

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