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These are topical overviews relating to the build system.


ApplicationsQt Extended applications can be built in one of four ways
Creating and using binary SDKs
DependenciesThe Qt Extended build system has dependency information embedded into the qbuild.pro files
Device ProfilesDevice profiles are a way to minimize the hassle of configuring for a device.
Export MacrosQt Extended and Qt Extended Sync Agent's library headers all have macros in them
Image, prefix and SDK location
Internationalization (build system)Information about how the build system handles i18n
LibrariesLibrary projects must contain some extra code to make them usable by other projects
Non-code TranslatablesNon-code translatables are processed with nct_lupdate
Packages (overview)Overview of how the build system creates packages.
PluginsAn overview of the information the build system needs to know about plugins
Project FilesProject files are responsible for building things.
Project TreesProject trees contain groups of projects to build.
QVFb BuildsProvides an overview of the -qvfb switch
configure Optionsconfigure -help
configure Options (Qt Embedded)qopiacore/qt/configure -embedded -help
configure Options (Qt)qopiacore/qt/configure -help
installpic AlgorithmThe algorithm used when deciding which pictures to install.
pkg-configAn overview of how Qt Extended uses pkg-config
runqtopia Optionsrunqtopia -help

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