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There are many variables that have special meaning to the build system.


AVAILABLE_LANGUAGESSpecify the available languages.
CONFIGSpecify features to enable
DEFINESSpecify the -D values to be passed when compiling
EXTRA_TS_FILESInstall a .ts file built by the server
FORMSSpecify .ui files to build
INCLUDEPATHAdd -I values to use when compiling
LANGUAGESSpecify the languages that are to be installed into the image.
MODULE_NAMEMake the project available in the SDK
PACKAGESRegister an additional package
PLUGIN_FORSpecify if the plugin is for Qt or Qt Extended
PLUGIN_TYPESpecify the plugin type
PROJECTSSpecify projects to build
SERVER_PROJECTSSpecify server projects to build.
SOURCESSpecify source files to build
STRING_LANGUAGESpecify the language used in strings.
SUBDIRSSpecify directories to build
TARGETName the app/library/plugin
THEMESSpecify themes to build
VPATHSpecify additional locations to search for files

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