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CallContactItem Class Reference

The CallContactItem class provides a wrapper for call entries. More...

    #include <CallContactItem>

Inherits QObject.

Public Functions

Static Public Members

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Detailed Description

The CallContactItem class provides a wrapper for call entries.

It simplifies the interaction between CallContactModel and CallContactListView and connects the actual call data such as the phone number with a contact.

This class is part of the Qt Extended server and cannot be used by other Qt Extended applications.

See also CallContactListView, CallContactDelegate, and CallContactModel.

Member Function Documentation

CallContactItem::CallContactItem ( QCallListItem cli, QObject * parent = 0 )

Creates a new CallContactItem with the given parent. The item is based on the call information provided by cli.

See also QCallListItem.

QCallListItem CallContactItem::callListItem () const

Returns the call data associated with this item.

QContact CallContactItem::contact () const

Returns the contact associated to the call entry.

See also setContact().

QUniqueId CallContactItem::contactID () const

Returns the id of the associated contact.

QPixmap CallContactItem::decoration () const

Returns the pixmap for this call entry.

The most useful pixmap is the contacts image. If the contact doesn't have a protrait the phone numbers type (dialed/received/missed) pixmap is returned.

QPixmap CallContactItem::extraDecoration () const

Returns an icon representing the contact model field of the call entry. Returns a null icon if no icon is available.

See also QContactModel::fieldIcon().

QString CallContactItem::extraInfoText () const

If this call item is associated to a contact this function returns the called number. Otherwise the extra information contains the call details such as "Dialed 2. March 14:30".

QContactModel::Field CallContactItem::fieldType () const

Returns the type of the associated contact field.

See also QContactModel::Field.

QString CallContactItem::number () const

Returns the phone number associated to this call item.

void CallContactItem::setContact ( const QContact & contact, const QString & number )

The given number becomes associated to contact.

See also contact().

void CallContactItem::setContact ( const QContactModel * model, const QUniqueId & id )

This is an overloaded member function, provided for convenience.

The contact item becomes associated with id and model is used to to lookup the details of id.

QCallList::ListType CallContactItem::stateToType ( QCallListItem::CallType st )   [static]

Translates the QCallListItem::CallType enum value st into the appropriate QCallList::ListType field.

QString CallContactItem::text () const

Returns a suitable display string for the contact or the phone number of this entry if no contact information is avilable.

QPixmap CallContactItem::typePixmap ( QCallListItem::CallType type )   [static]

Returns the pixmap for type.

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