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CallContactListView Class Reference

The CallContactListView class provides a view for call entries. More...

    #include <CallContactListView>

Inherits QSmoothList.

Public Functions

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Detailed Description

The CallContactListView class provides a view for call entries.

The view is based on a QSmoothList and provides a visual representation of call records. It uses CallContactModel to manage the underlying data and uses CallContactDelegate to render the content.

This class is part of the Qt Extended server and cannot be used by other Qt Extended applications.

Member Function Documentation

CallContactListView::CallContactListView ( QWidget * parent = 0 )

Creates a new view with the given parent.

CallContactListView::~CallContactListView ()

Destroys the view.

void CallContactListView::addItemToContact ()   [slot]

Adds the currently selected call number to a contact.

QContact CallContactListView::contactForIndex ( const QModelIndex & idx ) const

Returns the contact at position idx.

void CallContactListView::hangupActivated ()   [signal]

Emitted upon reception of a hangup request by the user.

QString CallContactListView::numberForIndex ( const QModelIndex & idx ) const

Returns the phone number at position idx.

void CallContactListView::openContact ()   [slot]

Shows the contact information for the currently selected entry. If the current entry doesn't have any contact information this function does nothing.

void CallContactListView::requestedDial ( const QString & number, const QUniqueId & contactId )   [signal]

Emitted when the has requested to dial a number associated with contactId.

void CallContactListView::reset ()   [virtual slot]

Reset the internal state of the list.

void CallContactListView::sendMessageToItem ()   [slot]

Sends a message to the currently selected entry.

void CallContactListView::setEmptyMessage ( const QString & newMessage )

Sets the newMessage to be shown while the list is empty.

void CallContactListView::setModel ( QAbstractItemModel * model )

Sets the model for the view.

void CallContactListView::showAllCalls ()   [slot]

Reverts any currently applied filter settings such as those applied by calling showRelatedCalls().

void CallContactListView::showRelatedCalls ()   [slot]

The view ionly shows call entries which are related to the currently selected entry (e.g. have the same number).

void CallContactListView::updateMenu ()   [virtual slot]

Updates the actions in the context menu based on the current selection.

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