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CameraService Class Reference

The CameraService class provides the Camera service. More...

    #include <CameraService>

Inherits QtopiaAbstractService.

Public Slots

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

The CameraService class provides the Camera service.

The Camera service enables applications to access features of the Camera application.

Member Function Documentation

void CameraService::getImage ( const QDSActionRequest & request )   [slot]

Instructs the camera to take a photo of the dimensions provided in request.

This slot corresponds to a QDS service with a request data type of "x-size/x-qsize" and a response data type of "image/x-qpixmap".

This slot corresponds to the QCop service message Camera::getImage(QDSActionRequest).

void CameraService::shutter ()   [slot]

Instructs the camera to activate the shutter. If the application isn't visible, this raise the camera and puts it into photo mode. Otherwise it takes a photo.

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