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Qt Commercial Editions

Two editions of Qt are available under a commercial license: Qt GUI Framework Edition, and Qt Full Framework Edition.

You may write commercial, proprietary, or otherwise non-free software only if you have purchased a commercial edition of Qt. If you purchase a commercial edition, you are entitled to technical support and upgrades.

If you want to develop Free or Open Source software for release using a recognized Open Source license, you can use the Qt Open Source Edition.

The table below summarizes the differences between the three commercial editions:

Qt GUI FrameworkQt Full Framework
Qt Core classes (QtCore)XX
Qt GUI classes (QtGui)(X)X
Graphics View Classes (part of QtGui)X
Networking (QtNetwork)X
OpenGL (QtOpenGL)X
Scripting (QtScript)X
Database/SQL (QtSql)X
SVG (QtSvg)X
WebKit integration (QtWebKit)X
XML (QtXml)X
XQuery and XPath (QtXmlPatterns)X
Qt 3 Support (Qt3Support)(X)X
Help system (QtHelp)X
D-Bus IPC support (QtDBus)XX
Qt Designer extension classes (QtDesigner)X
Unit testing framework (QtTest)XX
Run-time form handling (QtUiTools)X
Phonon Multimedia FrameworkX

(X) The Qt GUI Framework Edition contains selected classes from the QtGui and Qt3Support modules corresponding to the functionality available in the Qt 3 Professional Edition.

<X> The ActiveQt module is only available on Windows.

Lists of the classes available in each edition are available on the following pages:

Please see the list of supported platforms for up-to-date information about the various platforms and compilers that Qt supports.

On the Qt web site, you can find a Qt Licensing Overview and information on Qt License Pricing for commercial editions of Qt and other Qt-related products.

To purchase, please visit the online order form.

For further information and assistance, please contact Qt sales.

Email: sales@trolltech.com.

Phone, U.S. office (for North America): 1-650-813-1676.

Phone, Norway office (for the rest of the world): +47 21 60 48 00.

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