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DocumentLauncherView Class Reference

The DocumentLauncherView class provides a view of user documents. More...

    #include <DocumentLauncherView>

Inherits LauncherView.

Public Functions

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Detailed Description

The DocumentLauncherView class provides a view of user documents.

It allows the user to browse through the list of documents and the user can open single documents by selecting them. The documents are opened based on mime types.

In addition to the base implementation Qt Extended provides the HierarchicalDocumentLauncherView. The exact mapping can be configured by setting the Mappings/DocumentLauncherView key in the Trolltech/UIFactory configuration file. The value of the key is the name of the class that implements the new DocumentLauncherView. The new class must be a subclass of DocumentLauncherView.

If the above setting is missing, the DocumentLauncherView will be used.

This class is part of the Qt Extended server and cannot be used by other Qt Extended applications.

See also LauncherView.

Member Function Documentation

DocumentLauncherView::DocumentLauncherView ( QWidget * parent = 0, Qt::WFlags flags = 0 )

Creates a new DocumentLauncherView class with the given parent and flags. To increase the component separation an instance of this class should be created via LauncherView::createLauncherView().

    LauncherView* view = LauncherView::createLauncherView("DocumentLauncherView", p, fl);

See also LauncherView::createLauncherView().

DocumentLauncherView::~DocumentLauncherView ()   [virtual]

Destroys the DocumentLauncherView instance.

void DocumentLauncherView::showOpenWith ()   [slot]

This function opens a dialog that allows the user to select an application that should be used to open the currently selected document. This would be required if the current document does not have a valid mime type.

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