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Communications: Internet: GPRS
Functional Description




GPRS support is provided by a plug-in and uses PPPD to connect to the network. The dial-up plug-in supports GSM and GPRS dial-up. The dial-up connection
can be established by either using the internal phone modem or a serial device. The plug-in automatically detects modem cards attached via PCMCIA and system integrators can add support for any arbitrary serial device by manipulating configuration files.

Qt Extended can run a serial data connection via:

New multiplexing methods can be added by vendor supplied plug-ins.

Connection indication

An indicator on the Homescreen title bar gives an indication what kind of connection the user is using. Normal GPRS connections will appear as "G". If the connection type changes to UMTS the "G" is replaced by a "3".

GPRS Parameters

It is possible to configure the following GPRS parameters:

Other options which can be configured include:

GPRS can be used in connection with an internal as well as an external modem. The external modem is automatically detected if it is a PCMCIA modem card. Additional detection mechanisms can easily be added.

Integration with FIC Freerunner phone

Qt Extended provides an example device profile for the FIC GTA01 (aka Neo 1973, aka OpenMoko) and FIC GTA02 (aka Freerunner) phones.


In addition to WAP gateway details the user can configure the details to establish a connection to an MMS server:


WAP implementation is provided by the Internet application. It allows the easy configuration of the following WAP server settings:

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