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User Interface: Speed Dialing
Functional Description

Speed Dialing application allows users to associate applications, contacts and other favorite operations with a particular number which can then be run / accessed by entering the associated speed dial number. It provides the user with a way to create shortcuts to frequently used functions and records.


Changes to the target of an entry are managed correctly

If a speed dial target - for example a contact phone number - is altered, Qt Extended recognizes this and updates the entry as appropriate.

Removing Speed Dials

The user is able to remove a speed dial association.

Replacing Speed Dials

The user is able to replace an existing speed dial association with another
speed dial association.

Speed Dialing Associations

The user is able to associate an application, phone number, contact, as well
as other special functions such as viewing the current day's calendar or changing
the ring tone with a number. It is possible to create speed dial associations for the following:

Speed Dialing via Keypad

The user is able to run the associated speed dial action from the home screen
by simply pressing and holding the associated number(s) for the action.

Speed Dialing via Touch Screen

The user is able to run an associated speed dial action from the home screen
by writing the associated number(s) or character(s) on the screen.

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