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Communications: Telephony: Call Management: Call History
Functional Description

Call History provides a record of calls that have been dialed, received, or missed on the phone. A single Call History record represents a single phone call and contains the various attributes of the call. The call record may be further associated with a contact through its phone number in which case the contact information is utilized when displaying the record. Up to 50 call records are permitted, the oldest record being discarded when a new record is created.


All-in-one Call History List

The user views all types of calls in one list. This list is a default view in the call history and sorted by time.

Contact Creation

Call History can be a source of new contacts, as the user
may often dial or receive phone calls to/from numbers that have no
associated contact. Call History provides the option to save the phone
number of a call record not associated with a contact to an existing contact,
or create a new contact based on the call record.

Display Detailed Call Information

The general dialed, received and missed call lists provide access to a detailed view of the full information of a call record. The following call record details are displayed:

Display Filtered List

Each list can be filtered to display related calls by typing a phone number or numbers that make up a contact name.
The complete list can be viewed by pressing back key when the list is filtered.

Display Related Calls

Call records are related if one of the following criteria is met:

The detailed view displays up to 10 related records. The related calls are the closest calls in terms of time originated, and are shown in ascending order based on this time. The information shown is the same as that shown in the lists.

Display Separate Call Lists

Call History is able to display dialed, received and missed call lists separately. Each item in the list shows the following partial call information:

Managing *Call History*

Call History allows the deletion of records enabling the user to keep the Call History information as pertinent as possible. When viewing the general call lists, the user has the option to clear only the visible list or to clear all lists. When viewing detailed information, the user has the option to delete the call record being viewed.

Other Application Integration

For call records associated with a contact, Call History provides the access to view that contact when viewing the call record in one of the lists or the detailed view.

For all call records not associated with a contact, or call records associated
with a contact that have a mobile phone number type, Call History allows
the user to create a message using the phone number of the record.

Call History associates a call record with a contact where possible and provides the ability to create new contacts from call records that have no associated contact.

Call History allows the creation of Messages based on call records.

SIM Storage Integration

When a new SIM is inserted, the call list stored in the SIM is read and integrated with the master list on the phone.

It attempts to read the following phone books on the SIM.

Timezone Tracking

The user views the locale that the call was made in from detail view of call history if it is different to the current locale.

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