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Communications: Telephony: Call Management: Call Options
Functional Description

The Call Options application allows the user to set call-related options such as call barring, call waiting, caller Id and cell broadcast.


Call Barring

It is possible to bar the following types of outgoing calls:

It is possible to bar the following types of incoming calls:

Call Volume

It is possible to set the speaker and microphone volume used during a call.

Call Waiting

It is possible enable/disable call waiting for voice, data and fax.

Caller ID

It is possible to allow caller ID to be made available:

Cell Broadcast

It is possible to enable reception of cell broadcasts. The following broadcasts are supported:

Location messages are displayed on the Home Screen.
The user is able to choose a display mode between Home Screen display and pop-up window for any other messages.

Fixed Dialing

It is possible to allow outgoing calls to be restricted to a fixed list of numbers. It is also possible to add and remove numbers from that list.

Flip Function

For flip phones, the user can choose to automatically answer incoming calls by opening the phone and/or automatically hang-up calls by closing the phone.

SMS Service number

It is possible to allow an SMS service center number to be entered.

Voice Mail

It is possible to allow a voice mail number to be specified.

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