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User Interface: Input Methods
Functional Description

Qt Extended provides input methods including predictive keypad-based typing, customizable full-screen handwriting recognition and on-screen keyboard input. Extended functionality for hard keys, soft keys and the words/dictionary application are also provided.

Qt Extended Phone Edition supports input methods with pop-up widgets. The global cursor position is also made available to input methods, so these widgets can be positioned relative to the cursor, facilitating pop-over or -under input methods. These pop-ups can alternatively be docked to any edge of the screen, while other applications resize automatically to make room. Input methods are also able to add items to the softkey menu.



The Keyboard Input Method pops up an (undocked) widget displaying a keyboard that can be pressed to send key events to the system. The Keyboard also reactively swaps from the top to the bottom of the screen when it detects that it is covering the cursor, and can be manually swapped or shown or hidden using a menu option that is available when the keyboard is displayed and changes according to it's state.

The Docked Keyboard input method uses the same widget as the Keyboard, but docks the widget to the bottom of the screen, reducing the available space for other applications. Consequently, it does not reposition itself or have a menu item.

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Qt Extended 4.4.3