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Messaging: Instant Messaging
Functional Description


Google Talk Account Settings

This feature is provided as part of one or more Reference Designs.

Google talk can be configured with the options:

The application also provides advanced settings.

GoogleTalk Jabber Integration

GoogleTalk uses a form of Jabber and provides instant messaging, presence and VoIP calls. This integration allows Qt Extended to utilize that functionality, via Telepathy, inline with existing applications and minor user interface modifications.

Telepathy Integration

Telepathy is a project that aims to provide a unified communications framework based on D-Bus.

Telepathy thus brings the following capabilities to Qt Extended:

These capabilities are demonstrated in the relevant applications.

XMPP Based Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging is supported via Telepathy. Subscribed contacts are those the user has previously approved the addition of, or have added and been approved by the remote party.

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