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Internationalization: Language Selection
Functional Description

The Language application allows the user to choose the language to be used for the user interface as well as for input method dictionaries and for the documentation associated with applications.


Choose Language

All available languages are listed for easy selection. The options associated with each language are shown in that language.


The dictionaries associated with user input are activated when a language is selected and enabled for input. The dictionary of the current user interface language is always enabled by default. In addition to the default dictionary the user is also able to select any number of additional dictionaries.

The option to select the dictionary of the current language is only offered if the appropriate dictionary file for that language is installed. Once a set of dictionaries has been selected Input methods allow easy switching among dictionaries for different languages (e.g. have French UI but use English dictionary on the touch of a button).


The language selection determines the language used for Help documentation.


Applications have to be restarted before they can use the newly selected language. The language application prompts the user to restart Qt Extended when a new language has been selected.


Only applications with appropriate translation files are translated; others have to use the default language (American English). Translation support includes features like localized date and time formats and Right-To-Left language support.

Qt Extended has been translated to a number of languages already. If customer demand is sufficient the list of languages can be extended.

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