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Content: Games: Mine Hunt
Functional Description

The objective of Mine Hunt is to uncover the safe areas of the minefield using the number clues in a process of elimination. Revealing a mine is Game Over!


Levels of difficulty

The user is presented with three levels of difficulty.

A 9x9 grid containing 12 mines

A 13x13 grid containing 33 mines

An 18x18 grid containing 66 mines

The user can select this difficulty for a new game only.

The user can place a flag in a suspected mine position

If the user believes a mine occupies a space, they can set that space to be flagged.

Flags have the following constraints:

User can start a new game at any time

The user does not have to finish a game or lose, to start a new game. A new game can be created by selecting a difficulty level.

Win conditions

The user has won the game if:

All squares not containing a mine have been revealed.

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