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Functional Description

Qt Extended includes a multimedia framework for applications that playback music and videos. Features include simple and abstracted multimedia playback APIs together with reusable control widgets. The reference integration of the Helix DNA Client codec library is provided with Qt Extended and supports development for various file system, file format and datatype plug-ins. Simplified APIs provide simple playback interfaces and avoid the requirement to call into the Helix DNA Client directly.


Common Application Framework

The multimedia subsystem provides a common framework for applications that playback music and videos. The common application framework is the basis of the Media Player application. Some features of the framework include:

GStreamer Integration

The media system has the ability to play audio and video with the GStreamer framework. GStreamer itself is not supplied with Qt Extended, but rather must be built as part of the device platform onto which Qt Extended is integrated.


Qt Extended's MediaServer provides an integration point for Media Frameworks.

Media Frameworks handle the decoding of audio and video.

The MediaServer supports the following client APIs

Qt Extended has a Media Framework that uses plugins to play audio files.

Phonon support in Qt Extended

Phonon is the multimedia API for KDE 4, support for Phonon is included in Qt 4.4 and later.

Qt Extended Multimedia Architecture

Support scaling of video

The Qt Extended media API supports adjustment of the scaling of video content. Supported adjustments

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