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Communications: Presence
Functional Description

Presence in Qt Extended refers to SIP presence and is currently only relevant for Qt Extended's VoIP.

Using the VoIP Settings program it is possible for a user to modify their own presence state and the presence state of others is shown in the Address Book application in the contact details page.


GoogleTalk Jabber Integration

GoogleTalk uses a form of Jabber and provides instant messaging, presence and VoIP calls. This integration allows Qt Extended to utilize that functionality, via Telepathy, inline with existing applications and minor user interface modifications.

Presence API

Presence information allows the user to identify at a glance whether a contact is available for communications.

Standards Compliance

The presence API abstracts the industry standards in presence to provide a generic interface between applications and presence servers.
SIP and XMPP(Jabber) protocols are supported in the initial implementation.

Presence Data

The Presence API is responsible for integrating presence data from different protocol implementations and presenting a unified presence status to client applications such as Contacts and Call History.
The presence API supports contacts to have multiple resources. i.e. a contact can have separate presence status for IM and Voice call.

Basic Presence Information

The basic presence status of a presence entity can be described in Online, Offline and Away status.
This status is determined by compiling all the status on available resources.

Rich Presence Information

The presence API supports extended presence elements such as mood, activities, location, etc.

Presence Information and User Interface

A presence status icon describing Online/Offline/Away appears whenever contact's name is shown.
The status line appears if there is available display.

Telepathy Integration

Telepathy is a project that aims to provide a unified communications framework based on D-Bus.

Telepathy thus brings the following capabilities to Qt Extended:

These capabilities are demonstrated in the relevant applications.

XMPP Based Presence Implementation

Presence information provided by XMPP/jabber (for example, via telepathy) is supported and presented through a common API.

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