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User Interface: Profiles
Functional Description

The Profiles setting application allows the user to personalize the phone so that it behaves differently depending on a profile that is used. The range of profile features that can be activated includes volume, tone, vibrate responses, and an airplane safe mode. A profile can also capture the status of other settings and activate them when the profile is activated. The user is able to edit system profiles or create new profiles.


Activate Profile

The user is able to set a profile as the currently active profile for the device. This will also activate the associated settings to that profile if there is any.

Add and Remove Profiles

The user is able to add or remove additional profiles.
The user is not able to remove any of the original system profiles.

Add to Speed Dial

The user is able to add a profile to Speed Dial to enable fast activation of the profile from the home screen of the phone.

Airplane Safe Mode

The user is able to activate or deactivate the Airplane Safe Mode.

Capture Status of Other settings

The user is able to capture the current status of other settings (currently Appearance, Power Management and Call Forwarding) and save them as part of the current profile.

Remove Associated Settings

The user is able to remove any associated setting.

Edit Profile

The user is able to edit a profile.

The settings for a profile include Volume, Vibrate Alert and Auto answer. The user is able to view and edit the details of each associated setting if there is any.

The user is able to customize the Call and Message alert behaviors and melodies. The user is able to set Alert behavior to be Off, Once, Continuous, and Ascending. Ascending starts from the set volume and rises in volume to the maximum volume setting.

It is possible to choose either from melodies provided with the device or from the user's stored audio files.

Profile API

QPhoneProfile and QPhoneProfileManager classes provide a client API for arbitrary profile related interaction.

The following functionality is supported:

Typical information that is associated with a phone profile are:

See QPhoneProfile for a complete list of data that is associated with phone profile.

Set Timer for a Profile

The user is able to set time and day(s) for the selected profile to be activated automatically.

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