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User Interface: Input Methods: Smart Keyboard
Functional Description


Smart Keyboard

The Smart Keyboard is intended for use with fingers, appears when a field is requested for edit, and uses a dictionary with frequency information to interpret inaccurate input. This allows the keyboard to be used on even very small screen space (eg. a keyboard area of just 2cm x 5cm).

It also uses simple stroke recognition to accept additional input, and provides several different input boards and autocapitalisation.

The user may also press-hold-drag on the keyboard to choose precise letters via a "magnifying glass". New words input in this way are automatically added to the users dictionary for future quick input.

The keyboard also uses several different animation techniques to enhance it's appearance.

Smart Keyboard Internationalization

The Smart Keyboard uses the dictionary for the user's chosen input language. It can be configured to support a broad range of national layouts. US, German, and French sample configurations are provided.

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