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Functional Description


Storage Management

Qt Extended's storage management is handled by Qt Extended's Document Management. The system monitors all external and internal file systems. An extensive API is available which allows developers to enquire about file system parameters such as size, path and mount information as well as more Qt Extended specific parameter such as the type of files stored on the file system (e.g. applications, documents etc.). These abilities can be controlled an a per file system basis and are saved in Storage.conf.

For the case that the user removes and inserts new file systems such as memory cards the storage management system provides event notifications and browsing facilities (QStorageDeviceSelector). In general, a file system can contain applications and documents. If a new file system has been added for the first time, Qt Extended performs a scan of the file system, incorporates found applications into its application launcher and generates a content database. The content database is automatically saved on the file system and thus allowing a significant speed up of subsequent scan processes.

The user can obtain an overview of existing file systems and their available storage space via Qt Extended's System Info application.

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