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User Interface: Input Methods: Stroke Recognition
Functional Description

The Handwriting settings application allows the user to modify the way characters are drawn for handwriting recognition.

On touchscreen devices Qt Extended provides full-screen handwriting recognition that can be personalized through the device settings. The Handwriting Settings application also offers a comprehensive guide to drawing letters, numbers and other characters.

Special strokes are provided for elements such as next word, space, backspace, uppercase, new line, and punctuation.

It is also possible to use the scrollbar or other widgets instead of entering text.


Add New Characters

The user is able to add new characters to the set of recognized characters.
New characters are restricted to those available in the current font, plus additional
non-printing and control characters.

Modify Characters

The user is able to modify the example strokes for a character or add additional examples of the character.

Modify Timing for Character Recognition

The user is able to:


Handwriting settings requires that the device has a touchscreen enabled.

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Qt Extended 4.4.3