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Functional Description

System Info is a Qt Extended application that displays system information about the device such as how much space is left and the software version. It provides the user with accurate information to determine if it is necessary to carry out maintenance on the device such as removing unwanted files or arranging for a firmware upgrade.


Cleanup wizard

The Clean-up Wizard is invoked from the System Info application's "Storage" tab. It may also be invoked from a dialog that is automatically displayed on the homescreen when the device's Documents filesystem has less than 10% free (the trigger limit is configurable).

Items for clean-up are broken into three categories and a sequence of pages is displayed to the user depending on which categories the user selects. If any items are chosen for clean-up then the wizard will delete those items and report on recovered space.

At each page in the sequence a "Next" button is available once the page has been completed. Selecting the "Next" button displays the next page in the sequence, as listed below.

The pages in the Clean-up Wizard are:

Software information

The Version tab displays information about the firmware/software on the device: this includes the Qt Extended name and icon accompanied by the current software version number and copyright statement. If updated Qt Extended firmware is available to suit the device an upgrade may be appropriate.

System information

After Version, several other tabs present information about resource usage on the device.









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