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Communications: Telephony
Functional Description

Qt Extended provides versatile functionality for traditional GSM telephony together with GPRS and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Qt Extended telephony is integrated intuitively with the user-interface and provides the ability to choose between either GSM or VoIP when making calls to a contact with both a phone number and VoIP identifier. An enhanced telephony integration mechanism based on the VoIP integration model allows different modems and different phone-like transports , for example, SIP, to be more easily integrated. Features include: split serial port, AT chat handling and multiplexing. An improved vendor plug-in mechanism allows vendors to directly inherit AT handlers and override individual functions.

Qt Extended also provides an Over-The-Air (OTA) facility that allows the network provider to send a set of network configurations to a mobile device with no user interaction required to create a working connection. A SIM Toolkit provides a user-interface to allow service providers to develop phone applications without modifying or installing software on the phone.


AT+ modem command set

Qt Extended implements a set of AT+ modem commands.

These are published to indicate what target modem devices are expected to support.

Each expected command must respond appropriately.

Integration with FIC Freerunner phone

Qt Extended provides an example device profile for the FIC GTA01 (aka Neo 1973, aka OpenMoko) and FIC GTA02 (aka Freerunner) phones.

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