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Utilities: Time
Functional Description

The Date/Time application allows the user to set current time, date and time zone.


Automatic time adjustment

If an external time source is available, such as the Time or Time Zone broadcast by a GSM cell tower, the user can indicate that they want the time to automatically be adjusted based on that time source.

Use cases for this include:

Change Notification

The Date/Time application notifies other applications of any changes
to the current date and time.

Date and Time Adjustment

The user can modify the current date and time.

Date and Time Format

The user is able to set the time to be displayed as either
12 or 24 hour time. The user can also set the
starting day of the week to either Sunday or Monday.

Localized Format

The default format is that defined by the system for the user's current Language Selection.

Time Zone Adjustment

The user can set the current time zone.

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