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Communications: Telephony: Voice Calls
Functional Description


Incoming voice calls

This feature is provided as part of the Deskphone Reference Design.

On the event of an incoming call, a dialog prompts the user to either accept or reject the call.

If the user is already on a call, the user is given the additional options of ending or holding the current call to answer the incoming call, or merging the calls into a multiparty (or conference) call.

Outgoing voice calls

Calls can be made to other phones which are provided by the subscribed service. Calls are made via the dialer, or through supported applications.

SIP Message Waiting Indications for Voice Mail

Message waiting is a mechanism for telephony providers to advertise to a handset that there are voice mail messages waiting for the user. This state is typically indicated to the user via an on-screen icon or an external message waiting LED.

SIP-based systems use the mechanisms described in RFC 3842, which provide the following information:

The current implementation provides this information to client applications via the QMessageWaiting telephony API. The server provides a summarized version of the information in the value space which can then be displayed in the homescreen's theme. On devices with an external LED, a server task can be added that reads the value space item and updates the LED using the appropriate system interface.

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