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Interprocess Communication (IPC)

These classes provide interfaces to IPC mechanisms.

QAbstractIpcInterfaceFacilities for implementing the client and server sides of IPC communications paths
QAbstractIpcInterfaceGroupConvenient wrapper to create the interfaces within a server group
QAbstractIpcInterfaceGroupManagerMethod to discover the active IPC interfaces and server interface groups
QCommInterfaceFacilities for implementing client and server communications objects
QCommServiceManagerMethod to discover the active communications services and interfaces
QCopEnvelopeEncapsulates and sends QCop messages
QDLGeneral utility functions for use with Qt Extended Data Linking
QDLBrowserClientDisplays rich-text containing QDLLinks
QDLClientManages a set of QDLLinks for a client object
QDLEditClientUsed to add QDLLinks to rich-text documents
QDLLinkFully describes a QDL link
QDSActionInterface for requesting Qt Extended Data Sharing (QDS) services
QDSActionRequestEncapsulates a received action request
QDSDataEncapsulates data shared by Qt Extended Data Sharing (QDS) services
QDSServiceInfoEncapsulates the description of a Qt Extended Data Sharing (QDS) service
QDSServicesFiltered list of available Qt Extended Data Sharing (QDS) services
QSerialSocketServerServer to handle incoming serial-over-sockets connections
QSystemMutexMutual exclusion between processes
QSystemReadWriteLockRead-write locking between processes
QValueSpaceMethods that are useful to Value Space layer implementors
QValueSpaceItemAllows access to Value Space items
QValueSpaceObjectAllows applications to add entries to the Value Space
QtopiaAbstractServiceInterface to messages on a QCop service which simplifies remote slot invocations
QtopiaChannelCommunication capabilities between clients
QtopiaIpcAdaptorInterface to messages on a Qt Extended IPC channel which simplifies remote signal and slot invocations
QtopiaIpcEnvelopeEncapsulates and sends QCop messages
QtopiaIpcSendEnvelopeMechanism to send Qt Extended IPC messages with an argument number of arguments
QtopiaServiceAllows applications to query the services provided by other applications
QtopiaServiceDescriptionDescribes a service request in user terms
QtopiaServiceRequestAllows applications to request services from other applications
QtopiaServiceSelectorImplements a list dialog for selecting a service

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