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MessageServer Daemon


The MessageServer application provides message transport services to Qt Extended client applications. It can send and retrieve messages of various types, to and from external message service providers such as POP and IMAP servers, or local resources such as a SIM card.

The MessageServer application is a daemon managed by the QPE server; it is always running and available to client applications. If the MessageServer experiences a fault and restarts, clients do not need to re-establish communication with the server process.


Messages provides the following features:

Send messagesSend messages via the transport mechanism defined for the associated account.
Retrieve message listsReport the list messages available at the server for an account.
Retrieve messagesRetrieve the content of specified messages from the originating server.
Status reportingStatus and progress information is emitted during MessageServer operations, for the benefit of client applications.


MessageServer supports the following aspects of messaging accounts:

Unrestricted accountsMessageServer supports any number of messaging accounts.
Messaging service typesMessageServer supports accounts using the following service types:
  • SMS
  • MMS
  • email
  • Instant Messaging servics
Email protocolsThe following email protocols are available:
  • POP
  • SMTP
  • IMAP
Instant Messaging protocolsThe following Instant Messaging protocols are available:
  • XMPP (Jabber)


MessageServer communicates with clients via a QtopiaChannel. The recommended method of passing messages over this channel is for each client to instantiate an object of the QMailMessageServer class, which converts between IPC messages and local signals and slots.

Some actions of the MessageServer process affect the Qt Extended Messaging Library data store directly. A client can respond to these actions by connecting to the relevant signals of the QMailStore class, such as QMailStore::messagesAdded(), and QMailStore::messagesRemoved().


MessageServer has the following dependencies:

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