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Miscellaneous Classes

These classes are useful classes not fitting into any other category.

QExpressionEvaluatorComputes the results of arithmetic, logical and string based expressions
QMallocPoolAllows management of allocations within a designated memory region
QUniqueIdIdentifier that is unique and yet can be stored efficiently
QUniqueIdGeneratorGenerator of unique identifiers
QtopiaContains miscellaneous functionality
QDoubleValidatorRange checking of floating-point numbers
QErrorMessageError message display dialog
QExplicitlySharedDataPointerRepresents a pointer to an explicitly shared object
QIntValidatorValidator that ensures a string contains a valid integer within a specified range
QKeySequenceEncapsulates a key sequence as used by shortcuts
QLibraryInfoInformation about the Qt library
QProcessUsed to start external programs and to communicate with them
QRegExpPattern matching using regular expressions
QRegExpValidatorUsed to check a string against a regular expression
QRubberBandRectangle or line that can indicate a selection or a boundary
QSettingsPersistent platform-independent application settings
QSharedDataBase class for shared data objects
QSharedDataPointerRepresents a pointer to an implicitly shared object
QSplashScreenSplash screen that can be shown during application startup
QUndoCommandThe base class of all commands stored on a QUndoStack
QUndoGroupGroup of QUndoStack objects
QUndoStackStack of QUndoCommand objects
QUndoViewDisplays the contents of a QUndoStack
QUrlConvenient interface for working with URLs
QUrlInfoStores information about URLs
QUuidStores a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID)
QValidatorValidation of input text
QVariantActs like a union for the most common Qt data types
QtContains miscellaneous identifiers used throughout the Qt library

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