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Personal Information Management (PIM)

These classes provide access to the user's PIM data, for causual access or to write replacement PIM applications.

See Qt Extended PIM Library

QAppointment::ExceptionInformation about exceptions to appointment related repeat rules
QAppointmentHolds the data of a calendar appointment
QAppointmentContextRepresents a storage context of appointment data
QAppointmentDelegateDrawing of QAppointmentModel items (
QAppointmentModelAccess to the Calendar data
QContactHolds the data of an address book entry
QContactAddressContains an address of a QContact
QContactAnniversaryContextQAppointments based on the QContact anniversaries
QContactBirthdayContextQAppointments based on the QContact birthdays
QContactContextRepresents a storage context of contact data
QContactDelegateDrawing of QContactModel items (
QContactItemQStandardItem based class representing a
QContactItemModelQStandardItemModel based class representing a list of
QContactListViewList view widget for use with QContactModel
QContactModelAccess to the Contacts data
QContactSelectorWay of selecting a single contact from a QContactModel
QDependentEventsContextBase class for QAppointments generated by other models
QOccurrenceHolds the data of an occurrence of a calendar appointment
QOccurrenceModelAccess to the Calendar data
QPhoneNumberUtility functions to manipulate telephone numbers
QPhoneTypeSelectorWay of selecting a single type of phone number
QPimContextRepresents a storage context of PIM data
QPimDelegateAbstract delegate for rendering multiple lines of text for a PIM record
QPimDependencyListManages the dependencies between QPimRecords
QPimModelAbstract interface to the PIM model classes
QPimRecordThe base class for PIM data recorded in the Qt Extended database
QPimSourceHolds identifying information for a storage source of PIM data
QPimSourceDialogDialog for selecting visible PIM sources for a PIM model
QPimSourceModelModel class for manipulating a set of QPimSource objects
QSmoothContactListViewList view widget for use with QContactModel
QTaskHolds the data of a task (to-do list) entry
QTaskContextRepresents a storage context of task data
QTaskDelegateDrawing of QTaskModel items (
QTaskEventContextQAppointments based on QTask due dates
QTaskListViewList view widget with some convenience functions for use with QTaskModel
QTaskModelAccess to Tasks data
QTaskSelectorWay of selecting a single task from a QTaskModel

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