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Platform Notes - Windows

This page contains information about the Windows platforms Qt is currently known to run on, with links to platform-specific notes. More information about the combinations of platforms and compilers supported by Qt can be found on the Supported Platforms page.

Windows Vista

Known issues for Qt on Vista will be listed here.

As of Qt 4.2.0 no Vista-specific issues are known.

Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows NT

Installation location

Installing Qt into a directory with spaces, e.g. C:\Program Files, may cause linker errors like the following:

 c:\program.obj not found

Install Qt into a subdirectory without spaces to avoid this problem.

AccelGALAXY graphic card

When you use a NT 4.0 machine with the driver number 4,00,1381,1000,021,4.0.0 there is a problem with drag an drop and icons. The computer freezes, and you have to reset. The problem disappears with the newest version of the driver, available at www.es.com.

Possible GL conflict

There is a known issue with running Microsoft NetMeeting, Lotus SameTime and other applications that require screen grabbing while direct rendering is enabled. Other GL-applications may not work as expected, unless direct rendering is disabled.

Windows 98 and Me

As for Windows NT, with the following exceptions:

Unicode support

Since Windows 98 does not implement much Unicode, Qt's Unicode support on Windows 98 is lacking. Note that Qt attempts to hide these differences - application programs can see that the fonts available are rather incomplete, but there is generally no need for programs to care. With other toolkits such as MFC, you often need to recompile. With Qt, your programs simply detect and use the capabilities of the Windows version they run on.

COMCTL32 problems

If you are experiencing a crash in comctl32.dll after debugging your Qt application then this is not a problem with Qt, see MSDN Knowledge Base article Q255607 for more information.

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