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QAbstractContextLabel Class Reference

The QAbstractContextLabel class allows developers to replace the "Context Label" portion of the Phone UI. More...

    #include <QAbstractContextLabel>

Inherits QWidget.

Inherited by BaseContextLabel and DeskphoneContextLabel.

Public Functions

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

The QAbstractContextLabel class allows developers to replace the "Context Label" portion of the Phone UI.

The QAbstractContextLabel interface is part of the server widgets framework and allows developers to replace the standard header in the Qt Extended phone UI. A small tutorial on how to develop new server widgets using one of the abstract widgets as base can be found in QAbstractServerInterface class documentation.

The QAbstractContextLabel interface is marked as singleton interface. For more details about the concept of singleton server widgets refer to the server widget documentation.

The BaseContextLabel should be used as starting point for custom context labels. It already provides the required button and key handling for context labels. It does not provide a UI yet. Therefore most customized context labels subclass BaseContextLabel and add the missing UI elements as part of their implementation. On the other hand it is possible to start a customized context label from scratch by directly deriving from QAbstractContextLabel.

This class is part of the Qt Extended server and cannot be used by other Qt Extended applications.

See also BaseContextLabel.

Member Function Documentation

QAbstractContextLabel::QAbstractContextLabel ( QWidget * parent = 0, Qt::WFlags flags = 0 )

Constructs a new QAbstractContextLabel instance, with the specified parent and flags.

QAbstractContextLabel::~QAbstractContextLabel ()   [virtual]

Destroys the asbtract context label.

QSize QAbstractContextLabel::reservedSize () const   [pure virtual]

Return the size that needs to be reserved for the context label on the screen in order to display it properly.

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