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QBluetoothScoServer Class Reference

The QBluetoothScoServer class represents a SCO server socket. More...

    #include <QBluetoothScoServer>

Inherits QBluetoothAbstractServer.

Public Functions

Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

The QBluetoothScoServer class represents a SCO server socket.

This class makes it possible to accept incoming SCO connections. Synchronous Connection Oriented connections are used to transfer audio data over a Bluetooth link. The audio data is usually compressed by a lossy codec and should not be used to transfer bulk data.

Call listen() to make the server listen for new connections. The newConnection() signal will be emmited each time a client connects to the server.

Call nextPendingConnection() to accept the pending client connection.

When listening for connections, server address is available by calling serverAddress().

Calling close() will make the QBluetoothScoServer stop listening for connections and delete all pending connections.

See also QBluetoothScoSocket.

Member Function Documentation

QBluetoothScoServer::QBluetoothScoServer ( QObject * parent = 0 )

Constructs a new QBluetoothScoServer with parent parent. The server is in the UnconnectedState.

QBluetoothScoServer::~QBluetoothScoServer ()

Destroys the server.

bool QBluetoothScoServer::listen ( const QBluetoothAddress & local )

Tells the server to listen for incoming connections on address local.

Returns true on success; otherwise returns false.

See also isListening().

QBluetoothAddress QBluetoothScoServer::serverAddress () const

Returns the address the server is currently listening on. If the server is not listening, returns QBluetoothAddress::invalid.

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