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QBluetoothSdpQueryResult Class Reference

The QBluetoothSdpQueryResult class encapsulates a result of an SDAP query. More...

    #include <QBluetoothSdpQueryResult>

Public Functions

Detailed Description

The QBluetoothSdpQueryResult class encapsulates a result of an SDAP query.

This object is returned by the QBluetoothSdpQuery object in the QBluetoothSdpQuery::searchComplete() signal. It represents the result of the service discovery query of a remote device. If the query failed, then the object is invalid. Otherwise, it contains a list of QBluetoothSdpRecord objects that matched the parameters. The result could be valid and empty, in the case that no records were found with the required search attributes.

See also QBluetoothSdpQuery and QBluetoothSdpRecord.

Member Function Documentation

QBluetoothSdpQueryResult::QBluetoothSdpQueryResult ()

Constructs a valid, empty QBluetoothSdpQueryResult object.

See also isValid().

QBluetoothSdpQueryResult::QBluetoothSdpQueryResult ( const QBluetoothSdpQueryResult & other )

Construct a QBluetoothSdpQueryResult, copying contents from other.

void QBluetoothSdpQueryResult::addService ( const QBluetoothSdpRecord & service )

Adds a service to the search result.

QString QBluetoothSdpQueryResult::error () const

Returns the error string, if any.

See also isValid() and setError().

bool QBluetoothSdpQueryResult::isValid () const

Returns whether the search result is valid (no error occurred during the search).

See also error().

void QBluetoothSdpQueryResult::reset ()

Resets the results object. This clears the service list, resets the valid flag and clears the error message.

const QList<QBluetoothSdpRecord> & QBluetoothSdpQueryResult::services () const

Returns a list of services found during an SDAP query.

void QBluetoothSdpQueryResult::setError ( const QString & error )

Flags that an error occurred during an SDAP query and sets the error string to error.

See also error().

QBluetoothSdpQueryResult & QBluetoothSdpQueryResult::operator= ( const QBluetoothSdpQueryResult & other )

Assign the contents of other to the current QBluetoothSdpQueryResult.

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