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GuiBase Class Reference

The GuiBase class manages the progress bar. More...

    #include <GuiBase>

Public Functions

Static Public Members

Detailed Description

The GuiBase class manages the progress bar.

There is a GUI-based progress bar (-gui) and a console-based progress bar (-progress). They are both implemented as sub-classes of GuiBase.

Member Function Documentation

GuiBase * GuiBase::instance ()   [static]

Returns the singleton instance.

void GuiBase::setRuleEngine ( RuleEngine * e )

The GuiBase class has a longer life span than the RuleEngine. Set e to the rule engine when it is created and set it to 0 when it is deleted.

void GuiBase::setRuleProgress ( int completed, int total, bool certain )

Set the total and completed values. Set certain to true if it is certain how many more rules there are to run.

void GuiBase::write ( int fd, const char * buffer, int length )   [static]

This should be called when writing to stdout or stderr. It minimizes conflicts between the console-based progress bar and the regular output. Write to fd, from buffer, length characters.


    ::write(1, buf, len);


    GuiBase::instance()->write(1, buf, len);

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