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PathIterator Javascript Class Reference

The PathIterator class allows for browsing and searching the filesystem.


solution: Solution

Returns the solution that this iterator is on, or null if this is a raw filesystem iterator.


PathIterator(path): PathIterator

Returns a new PathIterator instance on the filesystem path. path should be absolute.

files([glob]): list<SolutionFile>

Returns a list of files in the path that match glob. If omitted, all the files in a path are returned.

paths([glob]): list<string>

Returns a list of subpaths for the path that match glob. If omitted, all the subpaths are returned. The returned paths are relative to the current path, in a form suitable for passing to cd().

filesystemPath(): list<string>

Return the list of filesystem paths that map to the current path. This will be a single entry list in the cast that the PathIterator is a raw filesystem iterator.

cd(path): PathIterator

Return a new PathIterator after changing into the path. path may be relative or absolute, and contain modifiers like ".." and ".".

See also Javascript Binding.

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