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qbuild Javascript Class Reference

The qbuild namespace contain methods for interacting with qbuild.


root: SolutionProject

Return the "root" project. The root project is the project that qbuild was originally invoked on.


invoke(name[, arg1, arg2, ...]): list<string>

Call the qbuild function name, with the given arguments and returns the qbuild function's return list. This is primarily used to call builtin functions from QScript code. The method will abort if name does not exist.

object(name): Object

Returns the object identified by name. Name can be relative to the project, or absolute.

qtValue(name): list<string>

Returns the QtValue name. This is equivalent to the $$[name] syntax in a qbuild.pro file.

varname(name): string

Return name encoded as a safe variable name. All non-alphanumeric characters are replaced with escaped equivalents. This allows name to be used as a unique variable name.

See also Javascript Binding.

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