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Rule Class Reference

    #include <Rule>

Public Types

Public Functions

Public Variables

Detailed Description

See also Rule JavaScript Class Reference.

Member Type Documentation

enum Rule::Flags


Member Function Documentation

Rule::Rule ( Rules * rules )

Construct an anonymous rule in group rules.

Rule::Rule ( const QString & nme, Rules * rules )

Construct a rule with name nme.

void Rule::appendOutputFile ( const QString & val )

Add val to the list of output files for the rule.

const QStringList & Rule::outputFiles () const

Returns the output files for the rule.

See also setOutputFiles().

QString Rule::ruleName () const

Returns the name of the rule.

Rules * Rule::rules () const

Returns the rule group?

void Rule::setOutputFiles ( const QStringList & val )

Set the output files for the rule to val.

See also outputFiles().

Member Variable Documentation

QStringList Rule::category

QStringList Rule::commands

Flags Rule::flags

QString Rule::help

QStringList Rule::inputFiles

QStringList Rule::other

QStringList Rule::prerequisiteActions

RuleEngineState * Rule::state

QStringList Rule::tests

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