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RuleEngineScheduler Class Reference

    #include <RuleEngineScheduler>

Public Types

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Detailed Description

There is one RuleEngineScheduler per RuleEngine instance.

Member Type Documentation

typedef RuleEngineScheduler::Threads

Equivalent to QList<RuleEngineThread *>

Member Function Documentation

bool RuleEngineScheduler::beginCategory ( const QStringList & cats )

Attempt to begin running commands for cats. Returns true if the rule can run, false if it is throttled.

Call unlocked.

void RuleEngineScheduler::completeRule ( const SchedulerRule & me, RuleEngineState::ExecuteState state )

Do the post-run cleanup for me. Set the state to state.

Call unlocked.

void RuleEngineScheduler::dumpCirc ( Rule * rule )

Dump circular dependencies into a .dot file and inform the user where this file has been written. This happens after the engine has run all of the rules it can run.

Note that rule is not used.

Scheduler stalled - no locking needed.

void RuleEngineScheduler::endCategory ( const QStringList & cats )

Finish running commands for cats.

Call unlocked.

QHash<QString, int> RuleEngineScheduler::guiCategoryRules ()

Returns a list with the number of job running for each category.

void RuleEngineScheduler::scheduleRule ( const SchedulerRule & srule )

Schedule srule.

Call unlocked.

SchedulerRule RuleEngineScheduler::sruleFromName ( const QString & n )

Returns the scheduler rule that matches n.

Call unlocked.

SchedulerRule RuleEngineScheduler::sruleFromRule ( Rule * r )

Returns the scheduler rule for r.

Call unlocked.

void RuleEngineScheduler::throttledRule ( const SchedulerRule & srule )

Add a throttled srule to the ready queue. It will not be taken off the queue unless beginCategory() returns true.

Call unlocked.

void RuleEngineScheduler::waitOnRule ( const SchedulerRule & me, const QList<SchedulerRule> & requiredRules )

Scheduler rule me must wait for requiredRules to complete before running. If the rules have already run the rule may be executed immediately.

Call unlocked.

void RuleEngineScheduler::waitUntilDone ()

Wait until there are no more rules to process (or deadlock is reached).

Call unlocked.

Member Variable Documentation

Threads RuleEngineScheduler::threads

All the available threads. Used for tracking and shutdown.

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