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Rules Class Reference

    #include <Rules>

Public Functions

Detailed Description

Member Function Documentation

Rules::Rules ( const QString & name, Project * p )

Construct a Rules with name name and project p.

Rule * Rules::addRule ( const Rule & rule )

Add a rule to the group.

QString Rules::name () const

Returns the name of the rules group.

Project * Rules::project () const

Returns the project.

void Rules::removeRule ( Rule * rule )

Remove a rule from the group.

void Rules::removeRule ( const QString & name )

This is an overloaded member function, provided for convenience.

Remove a rule by name.

Rule * Rules::ruleByName ( const QString & name ) const

Returns a rule by name. Returns null if the rule cannot be found.

Rule * Rules::ruleForFile ( const QString & name ) const

Returns the rule that freshens name. Returns null if a rule cannot be found.

int Rules::ruleNum ()

Returns a unique rule number.

QList<Rule *> Rules::rules () const

Returns the rules.

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