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QCameraControl Class Reference

The QCameraControl class represents a user controlled feature on the camera device e.g Saturation, Brightness More...

    #include <QCameraControl>

Inherits QObject.

Public Types

Public Functions

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Detailed Description

The QCameraControl class represents a user controlled feature on the camera device e.g Saturation, Brightness

Member Type Documentation

enum QCameraControl::CanonicalName

Indicates the function of the control

QCameraControl::AutoWhiteBalance?Auto White balance mode
QCameraControl::RedBalance?Red balance
QCameraControl::BlueBalance?Blue balance
QCameraControl::AutoGain?Do auto gain
QCameraControl::Exposure?Exposure control
QCameraControl::Gain?Gain control
QCameraControl::FlashControl?Flash control
QCameraControl::Custom?Custom defined control

enum QCameraControl::GUIElement

Indicates the graphical representation and potential useability of the control

QCameraControl::Slider0x1A linear range of values e.g QSlider
QCameraControl::Menu?A multiple choice selection e.g QComboBox
QCameraControl::CheckBox?A boolean state e.g QCheckBox
QCameraControl::PushButton?An action e.g QPushButton

Member Function Documentation

QCameraControl::QCameraControl ( QCameraControl::CanonicalName canonicalName, quint32 id, QString & description, int min, int max, int step, int defaultValueIndex, QStringList & valueStrings, QCameraControl::GUIElement guiElement, QString customName = QString() )

The parameter given by canonicalName holds a common indentifier to a canonical setting e.g Brightness. If a control has no canonical name e.g the control is a custom device filter for Sharpness then customName provides a description string to it. Parameter id must be a unique identifier that is control specific. The parameter description is a user readable string in a GUI context. The control takes values between [ min and max in stride length step The value defaultValueIndex holds the initial default index. If the control represents a a multiple choice option then valueStrings holds the user readable strings that are parameterized by the values in the range [min, max]. The GUI element that represents this control e.g Slider,Combobox is given by guiElement

QCameraControl::~QCameraControl ()


QString QCameraControl::custom () const

Returns name for Custom control

qint32 QCameraControl::defaultValue () const

Returns the default value , set by the driver for this control

QString QCameraControl::description () const

Returns a description of what the controls does

GUIElement QCameraControl::gui () const

Returns the type of GUI or Widget the control can be visually represented as

quint32 QCameraControl::id () const

Returns the controls id

qint32 QCameraControl::max () const

Returns the maximum allowable range for the control

qint32 QCameraControl::min () const

Returns the minumum allowable range for the control

CanonicalName QCameraControl::name () const

Returns a canonical identifier for the control

qint32 QCameraControl::step () const

Returns the step size between values the control value can take

QStringList QCameraControl::valueStrings () const

Returns an indexed list of descriptors for Menu type controls

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