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QCameraStillCapture Class Reference

The QCameraStillCapture class handles capturing of still images More...

    #include <QCameraStillCapture>

Inherits QObject and QControlInterface.

Public Functions


Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

The QCameraStillCapture class handles capturing of still images

Member Function Documentation

void QCameraStillCapture::autoFocus ()   [virtual]

If supported, causes the device to autofocus otherwise does nothing

unsigned int QCameraStillCapture::format ()   [pure virtual]

Returns the current format

QtopiaCamera::FormatResolutionMap QCameraStillCapture::formats () const   [pure virtual]

Returns a QMap of formats and supported resolutions of that format

void QCameraStillCapture::imageReady ( QByteArray & buffer, QSize resolution, bool complete )   [signal]

Signals that a the image contained in buffer with image resolution is ready If complete is true the buffer contains the full image, otherwise only a partial image was given. Subsequent data must be appended. This can happen for example with jpeg images.

void QCameraStillCapture::notifyPreSnap ()   [signal]

Signals that the image in the preview data buffer is the actuall image that will be taken. Note:The procesing of this signal should take absolute minimal time.

Note to implementor: This signal should be emitted just before the instance in which the photo is taken. It is optional.

QSize QCameraStillCapture::resolution ()   [pure virtual]

Returns the current resolution

Note to implementor: Should always be valid

void QCameraStillCapture::takeStillImage ( unsigned int format, QSize resolution, int count = 1, unsigned int msecs = 0 )   [pure virtual]

Takes a still image in pixel format format and size resolution count is the number of multi-shots (only if capable, otherwise it may be ignored) and msecs is the delay in milliseconds between each shot

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