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QCategoryDialog Class Reference

The QCategoryDialog widget allows users to select Categories with a dialog interface. More...

    #include <QCategoryDialog>

Inherits QDialog.

Public Types

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Detailed Description

The QCategoryDialog widget allows users to select Categories with a dialog interface.

QCategoryDialog behaves in the same way as QCategorySelector using a list view.

See also Categories.

Member Type Documentation

enum QCategoryDialog::ContentFlag
flags QCategoryDialog::ContentFlags

QCategoryDialog::IncludeAll0x04Include the All categories option.
QCategoryDialog::IncludeUnfiled0x08Include the Unfiled categories option.
QCategoryDialog::SingleSelection0x80Allow selection of a single category. The default is to allow combinations of categories.
QCategoryDialog::FilterIncludeAll | IncludeUnfiledAlias for IncludeAll|IncludeUnfiled.
QCategoryDialog::EditorIncludeUnfiledAlias for IncludeUnfiled.

The ContentFlags type is a typedef for QFlags<ContentFlag>. It stores an OR combination of ContentFlag values.

Member Function Documentation

QCategoryDialog::QCategoryDialog ( const QString & scope, ContentFlags f = Filter, QWidget * parent = 0 )

Constructs as a category dialog type defined by flags f with parent parent and categories scope scope.

QCategoryDialog::~QCategoryDialog ()

Destroys the QCategoryDialog.

void QCategoryDialog::selectAll ()   [slot]

Selects the All entry (all categories are selected).

void QCategoryDialog::selectCategories ( const QString & id )   [slot]

Selects the categories with identifiers in the comma-separated list id.

void QCategoryDialog::selectCategories ( const QList<QString> & categoryids )   [slot]

This is an overloaded member function, provided for convenience.

Selects the categories with identifiers in list categoryids.

void QCategoryDialog::selectFilter ( const QCategoryFilter & filter )   [slot]

Selects the categories specified by filter.

void QCategoryDialog::selectUnfiled ()   [slot]

Selects the Unfiled entry (no categories are selected).

QList<QString> QCategoryDialog::selectedCategories () const

Returns the list of selected categories.

Note that this function does not indicate if All or Unfiled is selected. Use selectedFilter() to determine if these items are selected.

QCategoryFilter QCategoryDialog::selectedFilter () const

Returns the QCategoryFilter that indicates the selected categories.

See also QCategoryFilter::requiredCategories().

void QCategoryDialog::setText ( const QString & text )

Displays text above the category selection list. text may be used to clarify the category selection purpose.

See also text().

QString QCategoryDialog::text () const

Returns the dialog text, as set by a previous call to setText().

See also setText().

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