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QCellBroadcast Class Reference

The QCellBroadcast class provides access to cell broadcast messages on GSM networks according to 3GPP TS 03.41. More...

    #include <QCellBroadcast>

Inherits QCommInterface.

Inherited by QModemCellBroadcast.


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Detailed Description

The QCellBroadcast class provides access to cell broadcast messages on GSM networks according to 3GPP TS 03.41.

The cell broadcast service permits a number of unacknowledged general messages to be broadcast to all receivers within a particular region. Cell broadcast messages are broadcast to defined geographical areas known as cell broadcast areas. These areas may comprise of one or more cells, or may comprise the entire network operator's coverage area.

Cell broadcast messages contain a channel number which allows simple filtering to be performed at the modem to reduce the amount of traffic that the client phone software needs to deal with. Client applications request the list of channels they are interested in with the setChannels() method. As messages on the selected channels arrive, they are delivered to client applications using the broadcast() signal.

See also QCBSMessage and QCommInterface.

Property Documentation

channels : QList<int>

This property holds the current list of cell broadcast channels that are being listened to by the modem.

Access functions:

Member Function Documentation

QCellBroadcast::QCellBroadcast ( const QString & service = QString(), QObject * parent = 0, QCommInterface::Mode mode = Client )

Construct a new cell broadcast handling object for service and attach it to parent. The object will be created in client mode if mode is Client, or server mode otherwise.

If service is empty, this class will use the first available service that supports cell broadcast. If there is more than one service that supports cell broadcast, the caller should enumerate them with QCommServiceManager::supports() and create separate QCellBroadcast objects for each.

See also QCommServiceManager::supports().

QCellBroadcast::~QCellBroadcast ()

Destroy this cell broadcast handling object.

void QCellBroadcast::broadcast ( const QCBSMessage & message )   [signal]

Signal that is emitted when a new cell broadcast message arrives.

See also QCBSMessage.

void QCellBroadcast::setChannelsResult ( QTelephony::Result result )   [signal]

Signal that is emitted to report the result of a setChannels() request.

See also setChannels().

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