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QCopEnvelope Class Reference

The QCopEnvelope class encapsulates and sends QCop messages. More...

    #include <QCopEnvelope>

Inherits QDataStream.

Public Functions

Detailed Description

The QCopEnvelope class encapsulates and sends QCop messages.

This class is obsolete, and its direct equivalent is QtopiaIpcEnvelope. Consider using QtopiaIpcAdaptor or QtopiaServiceRequest instead of QtopiaIpcEnvelope, as they provide a better interface for sending QCop messages.

QCop messages allow applications to communicate with each other by sending messages using QCopEnvelope and receiving messages by connecting to a QCopChannel.

To send a message, use the following protocol:

    QCopEnvelope e(channelname, messagename);
    e << parameter1 << parameter2 << ...;

For messages without parameters, simply use:

    QCopEnvelope e(channelname, messagename);


Note: Do not try to simplify this further as it may confuse some compilers.

To receive a message either:

See also: Qt Extended IPC and Services.

See also QtopiaIpcAdaptor and QtopiaServiceRequest.

Member Function Documentation

QCopEnvelope::QCopEnvelope ( const QString & channel, const QString & message )

Constructs a QCopEnvelope to write message to channel. If message has parameters then use operator<<() to add the parameters to the envelope.

QCopEnvelope::~QCopEnvelope ()

Writes the message and then destroys the QCopEnvelope.

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