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QFormBuilder Class Reference
[QtDesigner module]

The QFormBuilder class is used to dynamically construct user interfaces from .ui files at run-time. More...

 #include <QFormBuilder>

Inherits QAbstractFormBuilder.

Public Functions

Detailed Description

The QFormBuilder class is used to dynamically construct user interfaces from .ui files at run-time.

The QFormBuilder class provides a mechanism for dynamically creating user interfaces at run-time, based on .ui files created with Qt Designer. For example:

         MyForm::MyForm(QWidget *parent)
             : QWidget(parent)
             QFormBuilder builder;
             QFile file(":/forms/myWidget.ui");
             QWidget *myWidget = builder.load(&file, this);

             QVBoxLayout *layout = new QVBoxLayout;

By including the user interface in the example's resources (myForm.grc), we ensure that it will be present when the example is run:

     <!DOCTYPE RCC><RCC version="1.0">
     <qresource prefix="/forms">

QFormBuilder extends the QAbstractFormBuilder base class with a number of functions that are used to support custom widget plugins:

The QFormBuilder class is typically used by custom components and applications that embed Qt Designer. Standalone applications that need to dynamically generate user interfaces at run-time use the QUiLoader class, found in the QtUiTools module.

See also QAbstractFormBuilder and QtUiTools Module.

Member Function Documentation

QFormBuilder::QFormBuilder ()

Constructs a new form builder.

QFormBuilder::~QFormBuilder ()   [virtual]

Destroys the form builder.

void QFormBuilder::addPluginPath ( const QString & pluginPath )

Adds a new plugin path specified by pluginPath to the list of paths that will be searched by the form builder when loading a custom widget plugin.

See also setPluginPath() and clearPluginPaths().

void QFormBuilder::clearPluginPaths ()

Clears the list of paths that the form builder uses to search for custom widget plugins.

See also pluginPaths().

QList<QDesignerCustomWidgetInterface *> QFormBuilder::customWidgets () const

Returns a list of the available plugins.

QStringList QFormBuilder::pluginPaths () const

Returns the list of paths the form builder searches for plugins.

See also addPluginPath().

void QFormBuilder::setPluginPath ( const QStringList & pluginPaths )

Sets the list of plugin paths to the list specified by pluginPaths.

See also addPluginPath().

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