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QIMPenCharSet Class Reference

The QIMPenCharSet class maintains a set of related characters. More...

    #include <QIMPenCharSet>

This class is under development and is subject to change.

Public Types

Public Functions

Detailed Description

The QIMPenCharSet class maintains a set of related characters.

Member Type Documentation

enum QIMPenCharSet::Type

This enum describes the types of characters contained in a QIMPenCharSet

QIMPenCharSet::Lower0x01Lower case letters
QIMPenCharSet::Upper0x02Upper case letters
QIMPenCharSet::Combining0x04Letters formed by combining two parts (characters with umlauts, accents etc..)

See also setType() and type().

Member Function Documentation

QIMPenCharSet::QIMPenCharSet ()

Construsts a default QIMPenCharSet() with title "abc", type Unknown, and a 0 stroke maximum.

QIMPenCharSet::QIMPenCharSet ( const QString & fn )

Construct and load a characters set from file fn.

QIMPenCharSet::~QIMPenCharSet ()

Delete this character set and clean up.

void QIMPenCharSet::addChar ( QIMPenChar * ch )

Add a character ch to this set. QIMPenCharSet will delete this character when it is no longer needed.

QIMPenChar * QIMPenCharSet::at ( int i )

Returns the item at index position i in the list. i must be a valid index position in the list.

const QIMPenCharList & QIMPenCharSet::characters () const

Returns the list of characters in this QIMPenCharSet

void QIMPenCharSet::clear ()

Clear all data.

uint QIMPenCharSet::count () const

Returns the number of QIMPenChars in this QIMPenCharSet

QString QIMPenCharSet::description () const

Returns the human readable description of this QIMPenCharSet

See also setDescription().

void QIMPenCharSet::down ( QIMPenChar * ch )

Move the character ch down the list of QIMPenChar.

const QString & QIMPenCharSet::filename () const

Returns the filename used to save this character set.

See also setFilename().

bool QIMPenCharSet::isEmpty () const

Returns true if this QIMPenCharSet contains no QIMPenChar, otherwise returns false.

bool QIMPenCharSet::load ( const QString & fn = QString() )

Load a character set from file fn, checking both system and user directories. Returns true if at least one file is opened with no errors. If there characters in both the user and system files, entries in the user file override those in the system file.

QIMPenCharMatchList QIMPenCharSet::match ( QIMPenChar * ch )

Find the best matches for ch in this character set.

unsigned QIMPenCharSet::maximumStrokes () const

Returns the highest number of strokes any character in this QIMPenCharSet has had. Note: This is guaranteed to be at least as high as the current maximum number of strokes, but can be higher if the previous highest stroke character is deleted.

void QIMPenCharSet::removeChar ( QIMPenChar * ch )

Remove a character by reference ch from this set. QIMPenCharSet will delete this character.

bool QIMPenCharSet::save () const

Save this character set. Returns true if the file was saved successfully, and false if there were any errors encountered while saving.

void QIMPenCharSet::setDescription ( const QString & description )

Sets the human readable description of this QIMPenCharSet

See also description().

void QIMPenCharSet::setFilename ( const QString & fn )

Sets the filename fn to be used to save this character set.

See also filename().

void QIMPenCharSet::setTitle ( const QString & title )

Sets the title of this character set. Note: in early versions this dictates the type as well

See also title() and setType().

void QIMPenCharSet::setType ( Type type )

Sets the type of this character set (eg "abc", "ABC", "123" or "Combining");

See also type() and setTitle().

QString QIMPenCharSet::title () const

Returns the title of this QIMPenCharSet

See also setTitle().

Type QIMPenCharSet::type () const

returns the Type for this QIMPenCharSet

See also Type and setType().

void QIMPenCharSet::up ( QIMPenChar * ch )

Move the character ch up the list of QIMPenChar.

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