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QIr Class Reference

The QIr namespace contains miscellaneous Infrared functionality. More...

    #include <QIr>

Public Types

Detailed Description

The QIr namespace contains miscellaneous Infrared functionality.

The QIr namespace defines various functions and enums that are used globally by the Infrared library.

Member Type Documentation

enum QIr::DeviceClass
flags QIr::DeviceClasses

Defines possible DeviceTypes as defined by the IrDA standard.

QIr::PlugNPlay0x0001Device supports PlugNPlay.
QIr::PDA0x0002Device is a PDA.
QIr::Computer0x0004Device is a Computer device.
QIr::Printer0x0008Device is a printer.
QIr::Modem0x0010Device is a modem.
QIr::Fax0x0020Device is a fax.
QIr::LAN0x0040Device is a LAN.
QIr::Telephony0x0080Device is a telephony device.
QIr::FileServer0x0100Device is a file server device.
QIr::Communications0x0200Device is a communications device.
QIr::Message0x0400Device is a messaging device.
QIr::HTTP0x0800Device supports HTTP.
QIr::OBEX0x1000Device supports the OBEX protocol.
QIr::All0xffffSpecial value representing all possible service types.

The DeviceClasses type is a typedef for QFlags<DeviceClass>. It stores an OR combination of DeviceClass values.

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