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QKeyboardLock Class Reference

The QKeyboardLock class provides a convenient way of blocking any keyboard input. More...

    #include <QKeyboardLock>

Inherits QObject.

Public Functions


Additional Inherited Members

Detailed Description

The QKeyboardLock class provides a convenient way of blocking any keyboard input.

The class blocks keyboard input that is not otherwise specified by exemptions().

This class is part of the Qt Extended server and cannot be used by other Qt Extended applications.

Member Function Documentation

QKeyboardLock::QKeyboardLock ( QObject * parent = 0 )

Constructs a new QKeyboardLock instance with the given parent.

QKeyboardLock::~QKeyboardLock ()   [virtual]

Destorys the QKeyboardLock instance.

QList<Qt::Key> QKeyboardLock::exemptions () const

Returns the keys that are exempt to lock filtering. By default, Qt::Key_Back and Qt::Key_No are exempt to allow visible dialogs to be dismissed.

See also setExemptions().

bool QKeyboardLock::isLocked () const

Returns true if the keyboard is locked, false otherwise.

void QKeyboardLock::lock ( bool locked = true )

Sets the keyboard to locked.

See also unlock().

void QKeyboardLock::lockedKeyEvent ( uint keycode, ushort unicode, bool isPressed )   [signal]

This signal is emitted when a key input has been surpressed. keycode, unicode and isPressed describe the blocked key press.

void QKeyboardLock::setExemptions ( const QList<Qt::Key> & exempt )

Set the keys exempt to lock filtering to exempt.

See also exemptions().

void QKeyboardLock::unlock ()

Unlock the keyboard.

See also lock().

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